For nearly 25 years I produced exhibition quality cibachrome prints in my darkroom. That has changed in recent years. As the digital printing process has advanced it is increasingly becoming the norm among fine art photographers and my images are now digitally printed on Fuji Crystal Archive material.

Using an Imacon Flextight scanner I create a high resolution optical scan from an original film transparency. From this digital scan I create a master file using Photoshop to make color corrections and tonal adjustments. A digital enlarger called a Lightjet reads the  information on the digital file and exposes the image onto photosensitive material using color lasers.The photosensitive material is then processed in RA-4 photo chemistry.

Lightjet prints while having image characteristics similar to Cibachrome prints lack the limitations inherent in exposing a film image in a darkroom. These prints possess an eveness of detail, broad tonal range and color saturation surpassing that of traditionally reproduced images and are the most stable photographic color prints on the market today. According to Wilhelm Imaging Research, an independent organization that tests photographic materials, Fuji Crystal Archive prints will retain their color fidelity in normal display conditions for up to 70 years.

The photographs are vacuum mounted on acid free foam board and doubled matted with white museum quality rag board.They are available framed or unframed. The frame is a neutral gray brushed aluminum Nielsen moulding with a choice of regular picture glass or UV acrylic.

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