“The question is not what you look at, but what you see”   – Henry David Thoreau

The art of seeing is the process of observing the world around us with deliberate thoughtfulness and attention to the subtle details that can so easily be overlooked. This mindful sensibility is the difference between looking and seeing. You must see it first and in photography it is what you do with what you see that counts.

Developing a sense of the aesthetic brings forth an awareness of the visual qualities that can be found in a palette of lichen clinging to a granite boulder or lily pads floating in the still reflection of fall foliage or a windblown ridge of a sand dune etched against a cloudless blue sky.

The close contact with nature that I enjoy through photography has made me intimately aware of the expressive potential of  the landscape and capturing  a moment that  conveys the sense of  being there is what I seek to portray  in my work.